Thursday, August 16, 2012

Round Two! DING!

So apparently the Frontline was expired . . .  There seem to be fewer fleas; but I can still pull one or two off of her whenever I want to (which isn't very often, actually).

SO!  I have invested in a new sort of flea and tick control! This stuff, right here. It has the added advantage of keeping mosquitos away, too.

Supposedly it's all natural, using geranium oil (geraniol) and peppermint oil, mixed together with almond oil.  Apparently geraniums have been planted in window boxes for generations in an effort to keep fleas and ticks out of houses; and the peppermint is poison that the little buggers can smell, so they won't even bite - unlike with Frontline which they have to ingest by biting before they die.  . . . Does anyone make a peppermint perfume??

I put it on her tonight, so we'll see how she does over the weekend.  So far she just seems a little more subdued and nervous; but that may be because she was scared out of her mind by the ziplock bag I stored the two extra tubes in . . .  She also smells like restaurant lemons, which is weird because there's no citrus oil in the stuff.  But she was a very good girl while we put it on her; so she got a cow ear which I also ordered from the same website.  That she liked.

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