Friday, September 21, 2012

When Did This Become A Flea Blog?!

Desperate times call for desperate measures . . . I feel like I've said that before.  Have I?

Anyway, I ended up dosing her with the all-natural stuff again, with little to no results this time.  So out of desperation, I ran out to PetSmart and bought the four month package of K-9 Advantix.  Apparently it's not as harsh as Frontline, as my vet recommended it as an alternative that probably wouldn't make Zozo sick.  And it didn't.  And as far as I can tell, the fleas are really and truly gone.  She's scratching much less and I can't find anything on her.  So now that I've had about a week to get over the sticker shock (going from $16 for three months, to $60 for four months is kinda scary) I'm pleased with the product and now have three more doses for the coming months should this stupid epidemic continue into the Fall . . .

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